Steve Freeman is a Solution Focused Practitioner and passionate motorcyclist based in Staffordshire UK.

He has worked in the private and public sectors in a number of roles and will, for the price of a drink, entertain you with his narrative CV.

Steve’s time is currently split between freelance training, coaching, therapy and supervision and work with Keele University, Staffordshire, UK where he is a Teaching Fellow in Medicine and guest lecturer with the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

For the past decade or so he has been co-hosting the Staffordshire Community of Solution Focused Practice. This group has developed into a focal point for people interested in SFP regardless of training and experience. We are all experts in our own conversations!

The community supports some of the over 3000 graduates from his SFP courses facilitated over the past 15 years. Course graduates from the public and private sectors include service users and carers, health and social care workers and executives in a range of settings.

Solution focused presentations and training have taken Steve to interesting places and people throughout Europe and beyond. His work on integrating Solution focused Practice with Motivational Interviewing, pathology based practice and other models has been adopted by teams in a number of areas.


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